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Reuben Williams


Reuben’s startup story is epic. In 2017, the week after he finished his final university exam he landed a full-time dream job in the digital department at Cricket Australia - he’d worked hard to make it happen. 

But just four years later, that dream took a hit when he was made redundant during the pandemic.

Not one to waste time, Reuben had picked himself up and dusted himself off and in the space of 9 weeks he had moved to Lorne, started a business and launched a #1 podcast on iTunes. 

This is when SportsGrad – a private network designed to help future leaders break into the sports industry was born. Fast forward a few years and SportsGrad has now helped more than 500+ and nothing makes Reuben happier than helping aspiring sports professionals land their dream role. 

Reuben has a full kit of inspiring stories about mastering networking, taking a chance of that side hustle and saying yes to every opportunity. 

When he isn’t working, he loves cycling and being open to life’s possibilities. 

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