Advocacy & Inclusion

Nikki Tugano


Nikki Tugano is the Founder and CEO of SeenCulture, passionate about recognising and developing human potential in organisations. Nikki is a pioneer for creating inclusive and high performing teams in the Future of Work supported by her background as an experienced HR leader, Positive Psychology practitioner, and now Tech Startup Founder. 

She earned a scholarship for her Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (MAPPCP), also has degrees in Commerce and Science, is an associate with Melbourne Business School, and guest lectures at various universities in Melbourne and Sydney. 

She has also been recognised as the most influential CEO for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year, and Startup Woman of the Year. SeenCulture has been awarded Speediest Startup, and Startup of the Year. 

SeenCulture currently serves more than 1,500 users on its people analytics platform and primarily works with professional services firms and global technology companies with customers like Atlassian and Culture Amp.

Nikki is an experienced and articulate public speaker and award-winning CEO who walks the walk when it comes to driving impact and performance, but she’s also so much more than this. 

She’s also an authentic storyteller who openly shares her experiences of being an underrepresented founder and the challenges she has faced breaking through both the glass and bamboo ceiling, how her challenging childhood experiences shaped who she is today and what she hopes to achieve in the future through her important purpose-driven work.

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