Tech & Innovation

Nikita Le Messurier

Startup Adviser, Investor

Nikita is a Startup Advisor at AWS, Airtree Explorer and a passionate angel investor assisting Australian startups, with a particular interest in supporting female founded, deep tech and AI startups.

Prior to AWS, Nikita worked for WIRED Magazine’s Future Thinking consultancy and AI Cyber Security startup, Darktrace. 

Others describe her as a ‘tremendously empathetic professional who gains the trust of her customers by driving new, innovative ideas and deeply understanding their needs’.

And she isn’t afraid of doing the work and is always putting her hand up for learning opportunities across the startup ecosystem. 

As a public speaker, Nikita has experience in keynote speaking and is an interesting and engaging panellist.

Nikita is also an avid art collector and is the current chair of Art Centre Melbourne’s Contemporary Foundation.

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