Creative Industry

Niamh Sullivan

INFIX Creative Studio

Niamh Sullivan has helped 100s of brands launch, scale and raise capital. Her communications and storytelling strategies have generated millions for organisations across the globe through crowd sourcing funding, private investment, brand growth and community fundraising. 

Since she was very little, she’s never stopped asking questions and she credits her parents with her open positive outlook and strong mindset – it’s helped her navigate some very challenging times in her life. 

Niamh has been public speaking since she was a young teenager, which led her to study communications majoring in journalism. But live crosses in front of the camera weren't for her and despite being warned not to leave a comfortable job because ‘you’re too young, you don’t know enough about the industry’ like all good entrepreneurs she went her own way regardless. 

Niamh is a well-respected panellist, conference presenter and keynote speaker and has many words of wisdom to share about what it takes to be a founder, forging your own pathways to success, embracing your uniqueness and when the best time to do anything really is. 

She also has some excellent affirmations to share including this one – ‘A day without laughter is a day wasted.’

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