Advocacy & Inclusion

Lea Rausch

Head of Operations & Customer Experience

Lea’s vast areas of expertise span almost everything you need to know to build successful startups from relationship building, customer success, marketing operations, strategic planning, clever communications and everything else in between. A career generalist and operator, Lea believes in the power of transferable skill sets and a strong student mentality. 

Born and raised in Hawaii, she is a leader in her field and has worked across the United States (think California, Hawaii, and more recently, a decade in New York) prior to relocating to Australia and enjoys the flexibility and challenges of working remotely across several countries. You can catch her musings on Aussie Founders Going Global in her monthly contributions to Overnight Success’ newsletter, ‘The Pulse Check’.   

Those that have worked with her often reference her boundless energy and infectious positivity.

‘Besides uplifting the entire team, she's been a versatile, all-around gem, extending her helping hand to everyone who needed it. Lea’s exceptional communication skills significantly contributed to the fantastic team experience. She is incredibly reliable, getting things done with lightning speed, and she's just a blast to have around.’

Lea has a full kit of real-world stories that illustrate how and why things work when they do, why they don’t work and can outline the exact steps she takes to identify solutions and drive impactful results. She loves talking through the method behind the madness and embraces the understanding of looking at a situation from multiple angles.

When she’s not working, Lea is reading, writing, travelling, finding the closest body of water and actively supports other startups including taste-testing the products in her partner’s natural wine business – it is, as she says, the least she can do!

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