Advocacy & Inclusion

Kyra-Bae Snell


Kyra Snell's career has always been guided by her core values. Following her university education, she spent over a decade teaching in both secondary schools and TAFE institutions. Kyra then ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing her first business focused on plain English writing and editing. However, it was the challenges her own family faced while navigating Australia's aged care system for her paternal grandmother that inspired her to start CareAbout in 2015.

Since its inception, CareAbout has been instrumental in assisting over 100,000 Australian families with aged care needs. The organisation has expanded its services to include care delivery through Hazel Home Care, operating in three states, and most recently launched a new venture called Dulcie in Self Managed Home Care.

Kyra firmly believes that providing the right information and guidance at the right time can significantly impact someone's life. Her experiences in the startup world have taught her valuable lessons, which she generously shares with others. Beyond being one of Australia's leading Home Care experts, Kyra's insights span various topics, including launching a startup, understanding customer needs, and the importance of fostering a passionate and diverse team.

A skilled storyteller, Kyra is equally comfortable addressing audiences in boardrooms, conferences, classrooms, or community centres. Her ability to communicate effectively across diverse settings underscores her versatility and commitment to making a positive impact in the aged care sector and beyond.

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