Creative Industry

Joumana Elomar

Skale Studio

Not everyone describes their mistakes as ‘beautiful, spectacular failures’ but Joumana sees the beauty in most things. And as an entrepreneur, a life she says ‘chose me,’ this sort of positivity and joy is at the heart of everything Joumana does.

Joumana has begun a number of startups and has much to say about just starting, the algorithms, the best way to grow your team and a few habits she thinks have really set her up to do the best she can.

One of her goals in life is to share things that have worked for her and there’ll be no shortage of audience note-taking when Joumana steps up to the microphone.

She can explain why she only gives herself 30 days to fail at something, why it’s important to make social proof the hero on a landing page, how often she posts on social media and much, much more.

She’ll explain how Skale helps early stage startups scale in less than 10 days with disruptive brands that stand out, websites that grow with you and landing pages backed by psychology.

Joumana has worked with lots of brands that are making a name for themselves including Wedgetail, Earlywork, Blinq, Square Peg, Workyard, The Care Co and more and she spends most of her work time ‘giving startups an unfair advantage.’

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