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Grace Brown


Meet Grace Brown, a robotics engineer, a Mechatronics Engineering graduate from The University of Melbourne, and the founder of robotics and AI startup Andromeda.

At Andromeda they’re on a mission to revolutionise human-robot interactions. Founded by a team of passionate engineers, their vision is to create companion robots that are not just smart and functional, but also warm and empathetic. We believe that robotics can be a force for good and make a positive impact on people's lives.

Grace says that building a robot like Abi has been a bit like parenthood. ‘There’s no denying that Abi is my baby. In her infancy, I knew everything about her. Every line of code, every cable, every screw and its placement down to the millimetre. I loved her as a prototype - when she still needed a rack to keep her stable, and essentially, she still needed ME. I feel like she’s now entering her teen years where so many other people are influencing her, changing her design — sometimes I don’t even recognise her, in the best way possible.’ 

She’s part of a small but mighty team based in Boston and Melbourne. They believe in working hard and having fun.

When they’re not tinkering with Abi (their flagship robot), they can be found debating the latest theories in AI ethics, playing foosball, or catching up on their favourite Pixar movies.

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