Tech & Innovation

Frank Greeff


As the Co-Founder of Realbase, a venture he excited for $180 million, Frank helped launch and scale a cloud-based platform that simplifies and streamlines the marketing process for real estate agencies, offering services like photography, floor plans, video, brochures, signboards, and more.

Frank’s background in business development and marketing combined with his domain expertise in real estate technology and trends absolutely played a key role in the success of this business.

It also didn’t hurt that Frank is such a naturally positive person because there’s a lot more to this founder’s story than meets the eye.

His is a story of resilience, relationship building, trusting his instinct, the importance of fostering a high-performance culture and bloody hard work.

Listening to Frank is easy as he takes audiences on the journey of his life’s work and maps out his philanthropic pursuits for the future.

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