Health & Wellbeing

Cassie Sangvhi

The Base Collective

Not every teenager knows what they want to do as a career, but after working in a pharmacy in her hometown of Wodonga, Cassie knew that she wanted to be a pharmacist when she grew up. 

Fast forward a few years and it makes sense to learn that when it came to her own startup, Cassie decided to use her pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations knowledge to create a clean, green and safe magnesium-based product range.

‍Of course, we all know that there’s no such thing as an overnight success and developing products for market and distributing both locally and overseas has not been without challenges.

But as Cassie says, if you have a burning desire to do something, ‘You just have to start. Nothing is ever going to be perfect. You move through it, you learn from it, and you keep going. You will stifle yourself, so you just have to start.’

Her founder's story covers everything from the importance of a trusted network, managing a market disruption, distribution, marketing and the unique challenges of being a female entrepreneur and mum of three.

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