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Ananya Sinha


Ananya is a venture capital investor passionate about closing the gender funding gap across the startup landscape. She invests in high-growth, female-led startups that are often entirely overlooked via a $100m fund that's actively investing across APAC with a gender lens at Series A and B.

She is passionate about exploring how technology can be harnessed to create social impact.

Ananya says that one of the first things female founders comment on when they come to pitch to her is how unusual it is to see female investors sitting on the other side of the table, this in part explains why only 2% of VC funding goes to women.

It’s a shocking statistic that globally, companies founded solely by women are awarded only 2% of venture capital investment. This has significant flow-on effects for the pipeline of female talent in the tech industry and for gender equality more broadly.

But it’s the sort of work that makes sense for a woman whose career has often focussed on elevating underrepresented voices from her NFT side hustle ‘Brown Baddies’ through to the important initiatives she has supported including NGOs working to combat gender-based violence in South Asia.

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