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Aimee Stanton

The Lady Tradie

Aimee Stanton is a one stop powerhouse of ideas and she’s one of those rare people who embrace making mistakes ‘every single day’ and learning from every one of them.

Aimee is not your average tradie. Breaking stereotypes & making waves in traditionally male-dominated fields - she is well known for being one of Australia’s First Lady Tradie Presenters. Plumber turned Tiny House builder & DIY Specialist - she Co-Founded Tiny Stays in 2018, and just weeks before she gave birth to her daughter, she launched Zadie Workwear - a clothing brand designed to make every single woman from the job site to backyard feel comfortable & confident in their work gear.

Aimee is one of those people with an insatiable appetite for life and works hard to reach the goals she sets for herself.

She is a big believer in learning more, reflecting more, reading more, laughing more and exploring more and she loves sharing what she’s learned in the hope it will inspire others to ‘give it a crack.’

Aimee is an energetic and entertaining entrepreneur who loves visiting schools just as much as corporate seminars to share her unique insights into overcoming obstacles and getting the most out of life.

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